Welcome to Saint Joseph School, a school that has played an important role in the religious and academic education of the children in the Sprague area. We are proud to be members of this institution, which has fostered a close-knit family environment throughout its over 130-year history. Our hallmark is our caring commitment to our students, each of whom we view as a child of God.

It is this commitment to God and the teachings of Christ that has guided us in creating and nurturing a family atmosphere whose impact reaches beyond our walls. We are preparing our students to carry the Saint Joseph School mission of love of God, love for one another, and service to others in the community and to preserve this treasure for generations to come.

Catholic Identity

While most of the religion curriculum at Saint Joseph School is generic to all Christian denominations, doctrines and practices that are specific to the Roman Catholic Church is the core of our religious curriculum. Although non-Catholic students are not expected to adhere to Catholic practices, they are expected to regard our practices and beliefs with respect and to participate in class discussions. Non-Catholic students will be expected to accompany the class to church and are welcome to participate in liturgical celebrations.

Mission Statement

Saint Joseph School serves God’s children from the Southeastern Connecticut area in pre-kindergarten through grade eight by offering over 130 years experience in quality Catholic education. In our small and secure classroom settings, our unique blend of the Sisters of Charity of Our Lady, Mother of the Church, and lay teachers provides a solid Catholic and academic program airmed at accommodating and challenging individual students, preparing them for this world and the next.


Saint Joseph School takes as its primary reason for existence the command of Jesus “Go teach all nations, teach them to observe what I have commanded you.” (Mt 28: 19, 20) We provide a sound academic curriculum which incorporate Gospel values. The atmosphere at Saint Joseph School is structured, purposeful, and conductive to learning self-discipline. Social and emotional development is learned according to the teachings of Christ.

Goals and Objectives

To incorporate Gospel values into the daily life of the school community, Saint Joseph School:
• offers a sound religion curriculum based on the Magisterium of the Church;
• provides an environment which offers varied opportunities to live the faith;
• serves the parish, community, and worldwide missions through various outreach programs.

To foster the academic, social and emotional growth of our school family, Saint Joseph School:
• provides a challenging academic program in accordance with Diocesan and state requirements;
• offers opportunities to practice social interaction within the school and community;
• nurtures a positive self-image as well as encourages self-discipline through growth in responsibility and accountability.


• Religion
• Math
• Reading/Literature
• Language Arts/English
• Social Studies
• Science


• Art
• Music
• Computer
• Physical Education
• Italian (Grades 1-4)
• Spanish (Grades 5-8)
• Library (Grades Pre-K-4)


• Weekly Library
• FMI Instrumental Program
• School Choir
• Zumba Dance Classes
• Field Trips
• Physical Education

• Cap Stacking Club
• Student Council
• Art Instruction
• Computer Lab
• Community Involvement
• Before/After School Care
• Milk/Lunch Program
• Busing available for students living in the Sprague area